Sartek - Apocalypse

@blackholerec - Magik Muzik 1077-0 

Black Hole Recordings’s avatar"Just how much anticipation can a single track build in the pit of your stomach? Give you goosebumps and butterflies with a build up that can only be likened to that of the touch of a temptress? You know something's coming at you when you feel the track start slowly and escalate rapidly, making you instinctively raise your hands up in the air at the spur of the moment, turning your face heavenward... waiting for that drop to take you on a journey far away. 

The track’ Apocalypse’ starts slowly, almost mystically and builds up swiftly, hypnotizing you into believing a revelation is about to take place. A powerful drop and stunning beats generate such euphoria, which is sure to get you to lift your hands up and dance with ardor. Truly an astonishing release, packed with energy, prepare yourselves for a banging progressive electro track!" 

As electronic music grows leaps and bounds with each passing day, what is most integral for artists is to remain true to their sounds and style. Sartek, an upcoming Indian producer turned DJ, has done exactly that, who promises to remain loyal to his sound for his upcoming projects in 2013 and onwards 

Sartek is one of the few producers and also the only one from India on the Magik Muzik imprint with an original single. His latest offering, “Apocalypse”, releasing on 7th October 2013, leaves the listener spellbound and creates the apocalyptical magic wherever it is played.

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