Ad Brown & Shawn Mitiska - Pulse

@blackholerec - Black Hole 609-0 

With ‘Ready And Waiting’ leading its single release charge, his long-player debut ‘Something For The Pain’ has brought a cornucopia of new Ad Brown studio material to DJs, clubbers and music lovers. For its second foray, the young Londoner has reached across the Pond to team up with LA-based trance wunderkind Shawn Mitiska. Together they have conjured the sophisticated instrumental sonics of ‘Pulse’.

With a contingent of both established and new blood remixers on board, further passaging ‘Pulse’ to places house, progressive and beyond, December 23rd sees ‘Something’s second play land. 

In its Original Mix form ‘Pulse’ delivers a gliding, thrilling, to-the-dawn trance-progressive ride. With a precision built production engine that dynamically threads together throbbing drums, super-crisp percussion and rolling bass, it builds its atmospheric tension high before emptying out into its harmonic, filmic, chasm-ing drop. 
Ushering it onto peak time floors, Ali Wilson redrafts ‘Pulse’ as one of his inimitable, formidable TEKELEC Remixes. Upping the tempo and uplifting the tone, through cantering drums, propulsive, subby bass and rhapsodic mainlines, he generates auditory updraft through its high-rise synths. 

Further in, and throwing some deeper hues under ‘Pulse’, Holland’s Jaap Ligthart uproot's the track from it's trance base and replant it in housier spaces. Injecting no small degree of groove into its system, Ligthart fashions his Deep Mix with funkier drums, liquid cool melodies and hot-tropic b-lines to deliver a wonderful afterhours vibe for ‘Pulse’. 

Offering up a secondary version for ‘Pulse’, Jaap’s Remix brilliantly summons inky-black techno-leaning metropolitan-ism. Making maximum stock of Brown & Mitiska’s ethereally charged lead line and the gentle indolence of it piano lines, it ties off a 360° remix package.

Think positive. Be happy. x