J-Soul presents Andy Jaar ft Leusin - Morning Light

@blackholerec - Black Hole 614-0 

Taken from his new ‘Glace’ album on which J-Soul presents Andy Jaar is ‘Morning Light’. The original is a firm progressive house track with the beautiful vocals of Leusin protruding the track. Andy Duguid has done the remix, giving it a more trancy feel. 

J-Soul is one of Russia’s representatives of progressive house, releasing his tracks on many well-known labels of which Black Hole Recordings is one. He also teams up with many foreign artists, such as James Harcourt, Da Fresh and Matt Darey. J-Soul has remixed tracks by Moonbeam, Ben Preston, Blackfeel White and he is touring all through Russia and the CIS countries. The man behind J-Soul has always been a mystery, but through his new artist album ‘Glace’ we finally know that J-Soul is actually Andy Jaar. 

Alena Avdeeva, also known as Leusin, is a musician and songstress also hailing from Russia. She collaborates a lot with Moonbeam, Matvey Emerson and Soarsweep.

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