Interview with Matthew Daniel

English Nu-Soul and Jazz producer. Producer of No Time To Waste featuring Meemee Nelzy from Guadeloupe who sang the lyrics in French and English, the song went on to be featured on DJ BlaQt's Soulfanatic Sisters Suite 1 and air play by DJ June Furlong of Timeless Rhythms, Solar Radio, DJ Alex J of World Lounge Radio. DJ JazzyPete of JazzySoul Radio and DJ Niceness of INNAGrooves UK. "Lose Your Smile" features Trizonna McClendon from Chicago in the States, Matthew wrote the music and lyrics its a sad love song which had success in the indie soul music scene from the likes of DJ KT Smooth, and Bamalovesoul.

"The Betrayal Of An Immortal Day Dreamer" is Matthew's first music release he shows his variety of genre's such as his classical intro to the Butterfly Jazz Re: Work of Jill Scott's "Ain't A Ceiling". Matthew is working on an exciting project with an influential UK label Featuring multi-Grammy nominated Soul artist Lina on the track "SEEDS" and UK Soul vocalist Linda Muriel on the track "Soul Personified", which leads to his album title "The Personification Of Soul". 

Tell us about yourself.
I’m currently producing songs for my first album. There are collaborations with some interesting artists and they are working in the music industry creating Soul music. I have worked on this collaborations album for two or three years. I play keyboard and piano, I’m from the UK, I live in a beautiful part of London where I have a studio to make music and record with artists. 

It’s all quite new to me I was studying in London for four years and didn’t graduate till 2012. The year after, I lived at home again. I couldn’t find a degree related job though I have paid my dues as a freelance music journalist I spent years of my life way before University perfecting my piano skills at home, listening to jazz, soul, blues, hip hop, R&B, Funk and Gospel. I love old school artists, they are emotional singers and the production is influential and live. I was the one in my family who wanted to be a musician, I’m sure they’d tell you I’m obsessed with music and they are probably true. A lot has gone on over the years. I have used these experiences the good, bad and ugly and turned in into a composition or produce a track. 

It’s saved a lot of money on therapy! My jazzy production style is almost like collaboration; with my musical influences music has always been part of my life, I’ve gone through a lot and that can have its setbacks. I am aware that not everybody has my best interests at heart in the music business. I’m with a good label and excited about what they have to offer. 

What are your favourite tracks?
I listen to emotional music, so this might be a shock to you, I love My Love Is Your Love, I Have Nothing, I Look To You and I Have Nothing, Whitney Houston. I really love Meshell Ndegeocello album Bitter, Erykah Badu debut album Baduizm and Amy Winehouse debut album Frank. 

I like Esther Phillips songs I Haven’t Got Anything Better To Do, Bobby Bland Chains Of Love, Donny Hathaway Make It On Your Own, I have all of his music and Teddy Pendergrass You Can’t Hide From Yourself and Deniece Williams The Paper. These songs are written from the heart to the heart, I can’t live without them. 

What does music mean to you?
Music is a life line, it isn’t just a hobbie and that passion that I put into making songs not only is positive it’s a vice. I may not be a singer-performer, a lot of big industry people expect musicians to do it all and this idea is unrealistic. I went through major heart surgery when I was five. I was given a piano when I recovered and I live with issues surrounding mental health music, family and friends, life is a working in progress, my problems might not be yours, I quit while I was in my final years, my degree that is, but I didn’t give up. I did put music on hold to complete my degree, music is my path in my life and that is what music means to me. Production has given me a direction, and a reason to work hard, or be a really annoying perfectionist. 

Where does your inspiration come from when creating music?
Usually it comes from a feeling or a song that strikes a chord with me. I don’t always know. Often that happens when I make my favorite songs. I use instruments that compliment each other; I’m working on being a stronger beat maker as far as composition and mixing. I write lyrics and wrote Lose Your Smile lyrics and Attempt Again lyrics. It’s a dream of mine to write and produce with one artist and make a body of work, who knows what will come. 

Tell us about the upcoming album and the ideas towards it.
If I am going to be honest my album tracks came to life when I worked with musicians and I want to continue doing it this way. The super star on my album is Zulema Nakinda, she is a producer, singer, songwriter and graphic designer from New Jersey, NY. Zulema’s voice reminds me of old school Mary J Blige. Bernard Rose plays Saxophone Lovers Groove and Under the Stars adds a Jazz sound I really appreciate him recording this way because he wasn’t used to up loading and sending mp3’s! I’ve featured a talented London based singer-songwriter with a rich soul voice on a deep groove track called Soul Personified Linda Muriel and we may have a few more songs to get done, lets see! I can’t give too much away!

What tips & advice do you have for people in the music industry?
Unless your already working with them nobody has your best interests at heart and I say it from experience. If it was not for my Mum & Dad pushing me into studying I would be swept away in more serious issues, make new moves, rather than friends, and keep making music! Just focus on making good music and forget about who said what and really focus on getting the songs you like the most out to the right people even if its not listened to it really takes a lifetime to find yourself as a musician and artist. 

What have you got planned for the future?
I have to release my album, I’m not sure what title it will have but I do know it will be released with BBE Music. I really respect what music they release and it feels really surreal to be part of a label that once had legendary producers like DJ Jazzy Jeff and Will.I.Am. Visit for news and info!

Any last words?
I look forward to up dating you with an album release date and thanks for doing an interview with me. 

Think positive. Be happy. x