Jan/Feb 2014 ramblings

So I haven't written anything personal in a while so here goes.

In The City Of Sylvia - a little Spanish film which is minimal and intriguing following a young man on a journey to find his love.. However the ending was disappointing and had zero closure.. Although in life we don't always get closure, it's worth a look if you are interested in cultural romances. 

I see/hear/read far too many news stories that are utterly disgraceful, and I just think why? Really, think! Life is short, live each day and be happy, most importantly let others be happy! I just don't understand.. How on earth does being nasty to others going to make you happy? Power is nothing to be proud of when gained wrongly and I hope every awful person gets a taste of their own medicine. Love one another and spread happiness & smiles.

Music music music.. Beautiful sounds never fail to amaze me. One of my favs of the new year is Il Santo - Everybody with it's summery Italian cultural atmosphere. The lovely and ever so modest Leanne Louise released Save Your Heart, simply gorgeous.. As is My Way Home by Ava Burelle & The Smoking Guns.. these two luscious ladies are my favourite voices and their versatile sounds just take my breath away. The musicians really do come into their own too and should definitely not be overlooked, some sweet violins & gorgeous jazz elements. Another rising star is DJ S.K.T, his productions are toe-tapping and hip-shakingly brilliant, and he has now got his own show on BBC 1Xtra - Tuesdays 1-2am! Also on the radio topic the brand new station to get your ears to is LondonPleasure.FM .. Of course all of these artists are featured on the Mizz blog ;)

Thank you for your continued support with all my music ventures, keep enjoying the music :)

Think positive. Be happy. x