York & Deep Voices - With You

This time York collaborates with the well known project Deep Voices and the vocalist Alexander Klaus. Deep Voices was founded 2004 by the german producer Steve Baltes and Jason Dyloot of San Francisco. The already delivered 3 Studioalbums, their latest “More Than Air” was released in 2009 on Cloud 9 Music, which belongs to Armada Music. In 2009 they made on Paul Van Dyk’ s Vandit Records quite some buzz with their release “Distant Destiny” and various releases on Skills Recordings and Adjusted Music. 

Together with Alexander Klaus, who also delivered vocals for british Star Dj Lange they created a Goosebump guaranteed smooth trancetrack with a rather housy beat. 

The Robert Nickson Remix is a fantastic spherical remix that plays with deep detuned basslines and York’s typical signature guitars. We are sure you will enjoy this newest Planet Love release. 

Think positive. Be happy. x