Eurovision Song Contest 2014 Review

Hello Copenhagen! 

Is this essentially a political/popularity contest on a broad scale? I don't know, however, I do love hearing the beautiful cultural sounds from Europe.. The UK contestant is usually poorly chosen, there is amazing hidden talent all around that would certainly have a much better chance of winning I'm sure. Back to the opening scene, bringing the flags together in a nicely choreographed pierformance, if only said commentator would stop talking over it so much. 

It really is a shame seeing some acts which are tacky poptastic, overly "sexed" up and pining for attention.

Ukraine. Catchy tune I could hear in the charts. 

Norway's got talent!! Carl Espen - Silent Storm. Simply beautiful. ♥

Media folk take note of the creativity in the country visual introduction pieces. 

Romania are normally one of my favourites, this time just an average act, rather than something that particularly stands out.. Although the female high note is something to be envious of.

Armenia. The vocals are allright, but I must say the music production is the focal point and created brilliantly. 

To those not performing in English to fit with the "general" choice, I say good on you! You do not have to understand the language, the music and talent will always shine through and be appreciated by the eager ears. 

Punky chic Poland, I do love your hair braiding. Oh wait... Boobs galore.. thumbs down!

Greece, rapper who is born & raised in London? Surely the acts should be originally from their country associated with? Anyway, this is commercial foolery, however the Greek influenced music is nice. Overall, this makes me want to cry at how awful the music industry is :( 

Austria. Drag act, staring right in the face of any criticism and doing a darn good job, with a superb voice. Bravo! 

Germany. Elaiza - Is It Right. Gorgeous voice, one of my favs within the first few seconds. Almost Pink-esque, full of sweetness and attitude accompanied by really interesting sounds. ♥

Sweden has talent. Sanna Nielson - Undo. One of the bookies favs and I can completely hear why, lovely voice, powerful anthem of a track - that little piano riff is spot on. ♥

France. Twin Twin - Moustache. Minus the intro, this is a pretty cool jump-up Dancey track!! Love the creative colourful lighting & visuals.  ♥

Italy, I like your Dancey rocky vibe! Next time please sort out your dynamics, to make the vocals easier to hear. 

Slovenia, pretty addition of the flute, lovely start, then turning into a more commercial average piece unfortunately. 

Finland. This reminds me of the early noughties boybands with the likes of busted & blink 182, pretty cool. 

Spain. A former X Factor comtestant.. Need I say more? Good on her for not going down the usual pop/fame route (as far as I can tell).

Switzerland. Nice performance & piece full of culture.

Hungary. Sad lyrics :( , really nice piece though, could certainly hear this in the charts. 

Malta I would have loved to hear a Maltese cultural influence, but this is also a nice country sound with a lovely male vocalist - I haven't a clue why you added the tacky Ken doll clip halfway through.

Denmark. Entitled "Cliche love song" which sums it up. Average, cheesy poptastic chart tune. 

Netherlands. Sounded like a Nashville country performance.

United Kingdom. Well it's certainly one of our better candidates, nice voice & track.. But a usual chart type tune. There is nothing to me that says wow or is amazing. 

The other countries I haven't mentioned did not grab my attention.

My fav? France! They had fun and flung their full passion and culture into an attention-grabbing piece. One that makes you turn away from your technology devices, and gives your body a sense of rhythm as well as a smile on your face. 

Why why why?! Why do they have to announce the winner before the end of voting? It just defeats the process, and does not do justice the the final voting countries, who will now just get ignored, silly! 

Congratulations Austria.. Good vocals, although I'm not sure if the act was a gimmick..  

I shall eagerly await an invitation to join the Eurovision organisers in the next contest and inject the pure music love back into the show... I may be waiting a while. 

Think positive. Be happy. x