Rischaad - Psychonaut

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Rischaad, Konektiv - Psychonaut EP

The first signings from Tennessee’s Rischaad are 2 very different tracks. First up is title track Psychonaut that contains elements of tech house and nu-skool rave. Locking us in a tight & crunchy 125bpm groove Rischaad track builds layers of stabbing acidic synths up to the break where a hypnotic sequencer line enters the fray; we get hit by a slow-down teaser and menacing female chuckle then wham back into the fascinating groove. On the remix are the unique sounds of Konektiv with a dark and brooding bass-heavy ‘Rekonstrukt’-ion, focusing on the menacing chuckle sample for heads-down floor action. On the flip of this 2-parter is ‘Time’. Featuring more lo-fi production antics plus gating filtering synths, Rischaad saves the echoing vocal mutterings for the post-break moment. Deep and sensual.

Think positive. Be happy. x