Parov Stelar - All Night

"I LOVE THIS! First heard on the latest Paco Rabanne commercial and instantly had to check out what the track was - the advert itself is rather creative too. Addictive beat, gorgeous vocals, really interesting little melodies and touches throughout, especially the jazz element. The video is simplistic with a guy dancing in black and white, and you know what, it is one of the best video and track combinations because it is just simply brilliant and speaks for itself. Not only "All Night" check out more of their quirky rhythmic sounds" Mizz Ruby

Austrian musician Parov Stelar has taken over the global music scene like a phantom in recent years. Through his music the modest but exceptional talent has not only gained an enormous fan base, but has also achieved cult status as a producer.

His retro- influenced music is borne out of an aura of elegance, wickedness and pure energy. inspired by styles and samples from themost varying of genres (soul, pop, jazz and swing) and combined with modern beats and grooves he creates an incomparable and peerless sound.

Think positive. Be happy. x