Scales - All That She Wants

scalesOFFICIAL’s avatar"An experimental use of sound and edits, with a dark intro then notching up the tempo and atmosphere with a deep bassy melody and a fun flavour. I really love the texture and dynamics in sound throughout the piece." Mizz Ruby

Out of a London studio armed with analogue synthesisers, drum machines and a broad range of musical instruments, comes new talent Scales, who shows off an undeniably high level of production on his first track ‘All That She Wants’.

Combining the core influences of house music with a broad and eclectic range of musical influences, Scales creates a new sonic force. ‘All That She Wants’ takes cues from Basecamp’s version of the classic track of the same name, mixing in crisp UKG percussion and modern deep house synths.

Jump on the Scales hype early; it won’t be long before he’s the hot new producer everyone’s talking about.

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