BKWSK - Silk

"A gorgeous relaxed atmosphere. Subtle beats and intriguing melodies with slight creative touches. Home Doesn't Exist Anymore is my favourite of this EP having a fragmented structure and subtle elements of jazz and bass." Mizz Ruby 

Slime welcomes Spanish producer BKWSK to the label. The Sevillian joins a rich pedigree of inventive artists from his mother country at the label, the home of BSN Posse, Clima and Manul. Carving a unique space for himself in the hinterland between house, garage and bass music, his production style is both playful and melancholy.

‘Dystopian Heat Wave’ rolls in on a hazy bed of languid chords and spaced-out percussion. Slowly, the hypnotic groove unfolds into a beautiful house rhythm, replete with warm kicks and an undulating bassline. The track mutates into multiple shapes throughout its running time, keeping your mind and feet entertained in equal measure.

‘Hold My Mind’ toughens up the beat of the former and adds some well-known soulful vocals and rippling bass for a classic late-night warehouse jacker. Softly teased keys and atmospheric FX entwine the track to add rich texture to proceedings.

‘Home Doesn’t Exist Anymore’ wraps a two-step rhythm around a stuttering house beat and cavernous bassline with devastating results. Jittering melodies collide inside the ride, enveloping the track and pushing it far out of its original structure, then back again.

‘Dance Dance We’re Dead’ harks back to the golden era of rave with a breakbeat rhythm and jazzy undertones. Staccato keys and horns interject between the relentless bassline as the groove escalates the sense of beautiful urgency throughout the track.

Think positive. Be happy. x