Miss World 2014

London played hosts to the glamorous affair, which is where it all began 63 years ago.

Miss England: Carina Tyrrell, medical student.
She is passionate about improving the health of the world, and describes bad living situations from poor areas and circumstances as "unacceptable".

Miss United States: Elizabeth Safrit, lobbyist.
She is interested in politics and the media, and is passionate being passionate! "It is possible to make a difference".

Miss Mauritius: Sheetal Khadun, freelance fashion designer.
She would like to present Mauritius as "a beautiful painting full of colours". The thought of wars and innocent victims makes her sad.

And the winner is.. Miss South Africa! Rolene Strauss, Medical studies student.
She has a healing nature with plans to create a business revolving around women's health as well as continue her studies to become a doctor. Rolene believes each individual has great potential. "The fact that we as humans don’t realise how much potential we have; to do good, give and make things right".

Beauty with a Purpose - www.beautywithapurpose.com
Behind the stunning gowns, dazzling jewels and perfected styles - There are good causes and awareness raised in order to help make a better world.


Think positive. Be happy. x