The new look..

Tangled Headphones & Twisted Bra Straps
Okay, I have been slacking! Well I am back now and I've been sitting on this brand idea for and though it's time to reveal. Presenting great international dance and eclectic music, media insights and a little touch of lifestyle.

Gone Too Far
I hope you all caught the UK TV premier of this on Film4 a few days ago which was actually directed by a friend of mine's sister. Really funny, with an underlying issue of how Africans are perceived in society. I loved the structure, with the main story playing out over the course of just one day, and beginning and end pieces. 

Not Letting Go
I'm really loving this new one from Tinie Tempah and Jess Glynne. A fresh urban style clashing against gorgeous soulful tones, all pulled together with an oldschool beat.

My take on Cullen Skink
Got milk? I mean a lot of extra milk that you wan't to use up before it's expiration date. This was a pretty easy recipe and tasted so nice. All you have to do is whip out a saucepan, lightly sear some onions and fish of choice in a little oil. After a few minutes, pour in the milk, add seasoning and root veg, let that simmer until part cooked. Then add your herbs, other softer vegetables, tomato sauce and other chosen ingredients. Let it all cook together for up to half an hour (depending on how much you're doing). I did mine with spring onions, cod, prawns, potatoes, mixed veg and herbs. And that's it. Let it cool and enjoy.

Think positive. Be happy. x