random ramblings x

So, it's day two of my blogging adventure. I find it's a good way to be creative and some people's blogs are rather interesting.

For instance, charlie hedges from kiss blogged about these trainers with heels (unlike the not so trendy ones in NewLook). I have to say they look ok, but i still don't like the idea tbh.

Other interesting blogs are from danny blaze and peter fellows. Their random rants and ramblings are quite interesting for those hours of boredom.

Anyway, today is my day off which completly messes up my head and always results to me thinking thursdays are the start of a new week #fail.

I wonder how many of you watch #mbfgw. It was quite amuzing last night, the top dog Paddy (not literally a dog, but sure looks like one) had 70 god children! Is it me or is that just a tad too much?

Valentines day on monday! Well the situation with me, is that i hope i get to spend it with him however he says things are going too fast. I do understand what he is saying, but due to occurences in the past i am utterly terrified that i am going to lose him..

Ok i think that is all i have to say for now. Feel free to leave comments and follow me on twitter @mizzruby_x

Mizz Ruby x