Why hello there :)

So I have decided to create a blog due to the fact that my life is just that special xD

First things first, you may be wondering who I am. Well I am Mizz Ruby, nice to meet you! I am currently a media student and woould like to pursue a career as a presenter on TV/radio.
Now on to the good bit..

This week has been absolutly brilliant! Little old me finally got myself an amazing guy! It sems so perfect, so lets just hope it stays that way ay. Other news this week, I spent a lovely four day weekend in London (which is always fun). I auditioned for Kiss100, unfortunatly did not get through to, however I was asked to do a video audition which I have submitted, so there is still hope! If you would like to watch here is the link: My Kiss Audition

Other than that, well I am just basicly loving life I guess. That is all :)

Mizz Ruby x