Happy belated Easter!

Hello you loverly lot, hope you have all had a fabby Easter, mine has been eventful to say the least.
Main points today are a zombie movie, pervy guys, weddings, and of course my fav topic - la musique

Concrete Castles
So last summer I helped out with a local film company.Berkshire Independent Films and helped produce a fantabulous new zombie apocalypse film 'Concrete Castles'. It premiered last week and golly gosh wasn't it brilliant, all the way through I kept thinkin 'omg i remember helping with that', 'I remember how scared we were of that dude'. Haha, anyway it is definatly a must see. The DVD will be out very soon and as will an online link, so I hope you all watch and support it :)

Next topic, pervy guys. Well let me set the scene, I was in the wonderful city of London (oh how i so hope to be a London gal some day), I was sitting waiting for an old frienderino when a strange guy walks past and says 'lonely are we' , a few inutes later i was approached by an old geezer n he started rambling on about life and getting married to his rellies. WTF. Shortly after his son came along and startin rambling on. Therefore I presumed it was a woolich arsenal thing and walked off as fast as my little legs could take me. 

My next subject is weddings, you may be thinking oh gosh she's gona blabber on about Will and Kate. Of course not! I mean the upcoming possible TOWIE wedding. :D Yes, The Only Way Is Essex, I bloody love this show, if you do not then I advise you to skip this paragraph. Anyway this show is without a doubt one of the best shows in the current schedules. How can you possibly not love watching the lives of the ditzy and glamorous! My TOWIE crush has got to be the lovely Kirk, one word, yum. And of course cannot wait to see Mark and Lauren's wedding, their engagement party was extravagant, imagine what the wedding will be like! 

And finally, in the words of Modestep, 'the music makes me feel good' :)
If you have not yet seen the music video I co-produced here it is:

Ooh look who just created a new episode to their podcast ----> Permanentst8 podcast link, its only blimin Permanent State (p.s. if you don't know who they are, you might wanna watch the above video again).

Another fabby new find is Lee Brasco ft Lauren Mason - Eye for an Eye ----> Download Link

To conclude today's entry, hope you are all well and enjoy the sunny weather while it lasts. If you have any views/comments/quieries for me, leave me a comment or email me >> mizz-ruby@hotmail.co.uk <<<

In addidtion I thought id add bunnys in bow ties look good, this was inspired/requested by my twitter hubby mr @not_moby xx


Mizz Ruby x