A few reviews and randomness

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Right first little review is for @CharlieHedges mixes which you can find here - Link - Lots of great tunes for the summer, the latest is the May mix with some new tunes, lots to dance to. 

There has been lots of good twitter banter this week, one of the topics was dreams. Have you ever had a dream about someone you chat to on a social network, or sleep paralysis, where you cant move in your sleep but you can feel and hear everything around you? It is very scary I must say. And also them ones where you know your dreaming and you try pinch yourself and slap yourself awake? Just me? 

Another little May mix is from @LMPDJs featuring some fresh new tunes - Link - Make sure you check out their other mixes to!

I found out just how bad my ends are, well I say found out, more like this just confirmed it. On my local bus this 10 year old kid decide to stand on the seats and open windows. Fair enough to him, he was hot. But the bus people wernt happy and said to get down, this kid then decides to get a bit gobby and starts mouthing off and even swearing at the old folks on the bus. Hmm , bad parenting? 

Last little mix for the UK Garage lovers, is from @DJGTE - Link - A free mix can be found at the bottom and also lots of new tunes can be found on the site page. 

I have another bus story, well more of a moan, so we have a regualr old guy who comes on the bus, he smells so extremely repulsive that it actually makes you gag (and not in the good way either). Im sorry but if you smell that bad, please have some considereation and DO NOT come on to a bus with other people who have to suffer. 

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My last topic is the power of advertising #MediaThoughts. The adverts for Old Spice and Radox shower gel / shampoo for men are so so different. Have these adverts appealed to any of the guys out there and made them buy their products? I really like the new Skittles and Lucozade ads. I mean how cool would thhat be if you touched something and it turned into skittles. #Epic 

NEW RELEASE: Camo and Krooked - Breeze Block 

captionIm gona leave you with this pic which someone tweeted #YUM

Mizz Ruby x