I like what I see I do I do..

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So one of my many new ventures is managing @PhonetixUK, formerly known as Robbie T. My interview with him was rather interesting and extremely long to say the least. He is definitely a good one to chat to about almost anything, I am also really excited about working with him as he has a lot of varied interests and can work with a variety of genres, which to #musiclover me is fabo. You can all check his website, he also has an utterly random blog on there chattin more shit than i do (i know its hard to be wierder than me but he has somehow managed it) ---> http://phonetix.co.uk  - For all you #UKG heads out there you can also lend your ears to Digital Bootz Vol. 7 which features Phonetix ---> Link

Anyone who is interested in being on the Phonetix mailing list please send me your emails. Or are you interested in signing his tracks? Or would like him to work with him or get him to produce a mix for you? Email myself for more info: mizz-ruby@hotmail.co.uk 

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Like #Trance ? @PermanentSt8 - The Promised Land is Out Now! Link 

On another note I feel like i'm growing, I managed not to giggle when my mates completely ruined a tune I was singing :o) #littledelights

I also noticed, I get thousands of views on the blog but no one comments, what is all that about? Please leave me comments and make me feel loved!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mizz Ruby x