Everyone's A Critic

So first bit of news is my cousin got mugged the other day. At approximately 1pm on a bright day in a supposedly nice area. Is nowhere safe any more? People pleaseee raise your children with good manners and respect for others.

Dear John.. Poor film. The initial storyline of writing love letters to your soldier hunk is a good one don't get me wrong. It's just the actual execution of it is frustrating. Firstly, the pace is far too quick, for example they meet and after the 2nd day of knowing each other the girl meets his dad. You may be thinking may be thinking I'm exaggerating however these are her words "I want to meet your dad. Tonight." Bit forward? Also continuity and the smaller stories within the film are highly confusing.. such as she was building a house one minute and the next it seem to be forgotten..

Mark Wrights Hollywood Nights... I would give my verdict on this but it seems it is not available to watch on iplayer yet. But my guess is that it's pretty similar to The Only Way Is Chelsea Shore, just in Hollywood.. And from that basis it can go one of two ways, either brilliantly entertaining or brilliantly rubbish.

Fast Girls... in cinemas June 15th. Now this film from all i've seen it's basically about people running.... Correct me if I'm wrong but sounds a bit pointless and uninteresting.. The only good (and ONLY) running film I've seen if Run, Fat Boy Run. 

Think positive. Be happy. x