They think it's all over, it is now

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Yawn... This weekend.. It all started with 18 cocktail pitchers..

So I auditioned for a brand new show abroad, I find that over the years I have become more confident in front of the camera and wasn't too nervous. Or it could just be that I had my best matey there? Hmm. Well anyway, fingers crossed they like us and the wonderful life of a z-lister here we come!

Who knew Jamaica wasn't in Africa?

Football. Well done to Spain for winning Euro 2012, they thoroughly rubbed their victory in with four goals to Italy's zero. Unlucky.

The 2012 Olympics are fast approaching and people are getting attacked right at the gateway for the games.. Brilliant. I will not rant on again but seriously, just why.. how would you like it if someone randomly attacked you? And for those who are thinking well I've had a hard life, doesn't make it right for you to make things worse. A positive mind makes a happy life. Think Karma, what goes around comes around and all that. And on the subject of the Olympics, I think it is fair to say none of us should even attempt travelling in London until they are over. Nightmare.

Think positive. Be happy. x