A few DMize tunes

Happy Birthday to music lover DMize. His main loves include mixing oldschool (non-cheesy) garage, deep house and techno. His beats are simple and good, no messing about. These are a few of his old tunes of a variety of styles. Please keep in mind I'm not the best reviewer :D

Hip Click Pop: Tech-House. This for me is a tune I can imagine hearing somewhere hot with a friendly relaxed feel.
Casa Funk:
 Deep-Tech. This track is lively and takes you to having pre-drinks in the summer (Malibu is a must with this).
 Techno. This is edgy and is probably one you'd be taking speed and shots,  and just raving to!
Random Artifacts:
 Techno. This track plays around with a simple melody, and shows you don't loads of different parts to made a tune good.
 Dubstep. For me, dubstep that isn't commercialised and is just simple and raw is just the most interesting to the ears. Not many genres can do this and just show how sounds are different and can be used.
Backdraft 4x4:
 Hard4. I'd never heard of "hard4" before but I completely understand after hearing this.. dark and bassyyy!


Think positive. Be happy. x