Inspire the world

Damn Ellen Degeneres for keeping Gangnam Style stuck in my head for the past month.. but did you all hear the story about the British couple, they are travelling all around the world and having wedding ceremonies in each country they visit! How lovely and romantic is that!! 

In other news, well done to @MrRootsy for getting featured on NME, releasing a fabby mixtape, being part of the final 20 boot camp performers in xfactor out of thousands of entrants and for not getting all big headed with his new found stardom! This guy is doing what he loves, living his dreams and being an inspiration to many others. 

What's good on TV? My favs lately are of course Ellen (inspirational/entertaining), TOWIE (how annoying are Bobby (Gay Wan), Arg and Gemma.. get off my screeeen), Homeland (must see US drama, everytime its on I swear a little bit of excited wee comes out lol), and the foodie shows, mainly Come Dine With Me (best commentator ever!). 

A little message of thanks again to you viewers of my blog, nearing up to being seen by over 50 countries across the world now! Amazing. 

Think positive. Be happy. x