February Update

To say this month has been eventful is an understatement.

Horsemeat has been one of the biggest scandals, and rightly so! You'd think our food regulators / standards people would have clocked something like horse meat in food before it got to the shelves. One of the best jokes has to be "you've all said we were so hungry you could eat a horse, and now that you have you're moaning about it!"

The Pistorius fellow, well all I can say to this is people are not always what they seem and our world is still miles away from the peace that we all want.. #StopViolenceAndDiscrimination

Burger King had a rough day when their twitter account got hacked, various tweets about McDonalds taking them over were posted, as well as a lot of other hilarious digs at the brand.

The Sunday Times printed a highly irritating article, comparing pop icon Rihanna to much loved Princess Diana.. What was all that about??? Read Article

Meteor mayhem, so big rocks passed the sky and even endangered lives.. why did the majority of us only hear about this on the day before?

Penguins. What can I say, I want one nowwwww!!! Another compelling BBC1 documentary about these cute creatures is currently being shown and ohhhh it is so much more interesting that the old soaps and it's all real!

Think positive. Be happy. x