Damn You Mongolians - Before The Storm EP: Part 2 After The Storm

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Damn You Mongolians presents his second EP in his two-volume “Before The Storm” series, this time “Part 2: After The Storm”, featuring the tracks “Lights Out”, “Prague” and a remix of “Before The Storm”, along with instrumental versions. 

Hailing from the North East of the UK, Steve Southern a.k.a. Damn You Mongolians has always shown an immense passion for music of all genres. Inspired by icons of electronic music such as BT and Hybrid, along with the classic European trance sound of the late 90s, Steve released his music under various monikers before the Damn You Mongolians (DYM) project was born in early 2010 amidst the rise of UK dubstep and bass music. The first fruits of which would eventually lead to an official release of his highly acclaimed remix of BT’s "Every Other Way" on Black Hole Recordings. Official releases from dubstep star MRK1, blog darling Queen of Hearts and Canadian electro-duo The Dirty Tees followed - not to mention his now infamous remix of Adele’s "Rolling in the Deep" which racked up in excess of 1.7 million online views. His own cuts like "Leave You Behind", "Untrue" and "Fire" all defined the DYM sound outside of the average dubstep club track, as his sound grew more distinct - blending elements of dubstep, trance, drum and bass, ambient and songwriting. In April 2012 he released his debut Rub-a-Duck single ‘Footprints’ along with rising star Katie’s Ambition (fresh from collaborations with Filthzilla, Torqux, Baratone and Dexcell) His approach for this new set of tracks was to continue collaborating with new and exciting vocal talent, to create original songs that would reward repeat listens long after the club sound systems have powered down. 

Bristol’s 19-year-old singer-songwriter Natalie Holmes has grown her fan base from square one over the past 3 years. Since moving to Leeds in 2011 to study at Leeds College of Music, Natalie has been gigging wherever and whenever she can, taking her Internet following and expanding it in the real world. She’s also been busy attracting the attention of the likes of Perez Hilton, who in featuring her original song "Safety Net" on his blog, said, “She’s a real artist!”, and BBC Introducing West Yorkshire’s Alan Raw, who played a track from her self produced album "Goodmorning Sleepyhead". Influenced by artists such as Ellie Goulding, Ingrid Michaelson, Bon Iver and Gabrielle Aplin, Natalie started writing songs from a young age and nowadays works hard make it big. 

The closing round of this two-part EP series features the tracks “Lights Out” and “Prague”, while bringing the set full circle with a bonus ‘Aftermath’ remix of EP lead track “Before The Storm” from the man himself - giving the original dubstep track a shimmering high tempo workout. Hammering the dance floors with highly reactive drum ‘n’ bass, Steve leaves no holds barred and once again showcases his one of a kind synth and string arrangements. Hearing “Before The Storm” in a drum ‘n’ bass rendition should give every DJ the perfect tools to create a superb, bouncing live set. Whether it’s before or after the storm, DJs simply can’t do without this new Damn You Mongolians EP set. 

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