CIS - Stations Of The Avantgarde EP

Introducing a new name to the imprint, Fris! releases the outstanding “Stations Of The Avantgarde EP” by CIS. 

CIS, known as Cis Cuypers, hails from Belgium and according to his Soundcloud page, has been active in music production for a little over three years now. Clearly aiming for a crisp and unique approach to deep, progressive tracks, CIS’ sound would fit perfectly in live sets by John Digweed, Sasha, James Zabiela, Noir and many others. Showcasing his excellent skills to deliver progressive tracks with a capital P, CIS proudly presents his Stations Of The Avantgarde EP. 

promo packshotThe 2-track EP makes it clear that CIS knows his history when building his progressive cuts. True to the basics -a pumping bass kick, a spellbinding groove and no nervous drum fills- “Stations Of The Avantgarde” focuses on a deep, rolling bass line with steadily accentuating synth washes that have that good old hypnotic feel. “No Need” moves into a headier domain and works the dance floor with harder beats and edgier elements. Lengthy synths that slightly distort in the break give the track a nice, dark atmosphere. 

Think positive. Be happy. x