Giddy & Jamie K - We've Come So Far

@blackholerec - Black Hole 544-0 

With their debut "We've Come So Far", the DJ/producers Giddy and Jamie K enter the scene with a massive tech trancer on the electro tip. 

Giddy, known to his friends and family as Girius C, moves between Ontario, Canada and London, U.K. Since the age of 15, Giddy has worked for local and global clubs; DJing and opening for various international DJs. He spent multiple seasons in Ibiza, Spain - trips that ultimately pushed him to further invest in himself and his music. His work with the highly respected club Amnesia shed a completely new light on how Giddy would like to continually strengthen and expose his career path. His debut "We've Come So Far" with Jamie K shows that he's going in the right direction. 

Jamie K is the alias of Jamie Kemp, who hails from Maidstone, Kent in the U.K. With earlier releases on the Toolroom and Freegrant imprint, Jamie K already carved out his reputation. Teaming up with Giddy, he now adds his sound to "We've Come So Far". 

Carried by strong synth programming, "We've Come So Far" combines the best bits and pieces of tech trance with electro house elements. Dragging the audience to the dance floor with sharp, cuff off style string stabs, the single stays far away from the known clich├ęs and features a certain classiness that really comes to life after the ominous breakdown. "We've Come So Far" - indeed.

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