Nosense - Bangin' Bass In The City EP

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Nosense presents his debut "Bangin Bass In The City EP" on the Rub A Duck imprint, featuring the tracks "Banging'", "Bass Town", "In The City" and "My Sequence". 

Vladimir Kudenkov (Moscow, born 11th of February 1982) is the real name behind the moniker of Nosense. Nowadays also active as producer, he started around 2003 as a DJ in the nightclubs of Moscow. Initially focusing on a mix of techno, progressive and tech house, he eventually founded the electronic metal band "All For Fake" in 2008. He recorded the first studio album "Forget Yourself" in 2010 with the band as the lead guitarist and producer. The following year Nosense released "The Album" and "The Time After Night EP", featuring his earlier, previously unreleased works. In late 2011, influenced by the modern bass scene his focus changed to this new energetic form of electronic dance music. Soon after the free download release of his first ever dubstep EP called "Break It Down", Nosense played at more and more dubstep and drum 'n' bass parties and became a club promoter to develop his local bass scene. His style is a combination of dubstep, electro house, trap and glitch hop with a clear focus on energy and melody; always paying attention to the dance floor. 

Approaching today's high quality dubstep sound from a new and more melodious angle, Nosense pulls out all the stops with fresh, well arranged productions. "Banging'" opens with a dark, slightly desolate sound and leads to the hard, syncopated beats of "Bass Town". Followed by the shredding and twitching style of "In The City", Nosense closes the EP with "My Sequence", which diverts from a four to the floor intro to a snapping dubstep workout with massive drops. Superb debut. 

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