Music & Dreams

Hxagon - Dimension played on OriginUK - 11.04.2013. Thank you to Tempo, Active & Hotrox.

Dmize - Wanna Do played on the I'll House You radio show - 01.05.2013 by Shane Blitz. Soundcloud Link.

Close ft Scuba - Beam Me Up (George Fitzgerald Remix)

Those dreams which are like little stories. Here is one I had recently...
Wandering around with friends.. I notice a pigeon following me, constantly. I try get away, close the doors around me. A young lad whisks me away up the stairs of some sort of tower, telling me the pigeon is a spirit. taking me to the window he holds me as we look out. He walks away and another chap is there, his older brother. I ask him about the first lad, whom I am told is also a spirit. A spirit who comes alive in the evening and is gone in daylight. The older brother tells me about their father dying in the past too, and I leave him to calm himself. I spend the night with the younger brother and know in the morning he shall be gone. The dream ends here but, there is an understanding that I end up with the eldest lad with a happy ever after end. 

Boom Jinx, Maor Levi & Ashley Tomberlin - When You Loved Me

Think positive. Be happy. x