Ryan Enzed ft jACQ - Gotta Run

@blackholerec - Black Hole 543-0 

Hailing from New Zealand, Ryan Enzed joins forces with singer/songwriter jACQ on “Gotta Run”, the producer’s debut release for Black Hole. 

In less than 18 months Ryan Enzed went from a casual music production tutorial maker, to New Zealand's leading Electro House musician. 2011 introduced him to the scene with a bang when his cult hit "Nzmusic101" Youtube channel started. Proving himself to be one of the nice guys in the industry Enzed has released over 125 free tutorials covering a variety of aspects of music production. Enzed’s first major break came when Big Fish Recordings signed him for a two track EP featuring Enzed’s originals "FTCA" and "Snow Shower". He remixed Hirshee’s "So Good" and signed his own, original productions to labels like Bazooka, Sick Slaughterhouse, Big Alliance, Braslive, Kitsune, Royal Fetish and One Platinum. Perhaps his biggest achievement is his official remix for superstar Porter Robinson. Enzed's remix of his track "I'm On Fire" which raced into Beatport's Top 20 Electro House Charts where it remained for a long time. He continues to create top of the line music production tutorials and nowadays he also works as the mastering engineer of choice for new labels like Antiblaze and GlueBall Recordings. 

Ryan Enzed’s vocal tune sports an attractive composition of tech trance blended with hints of electro house and slightly maximal house synth programming. Tailor made for large outdoor festivals, every DJ should be able to mesmerize his audience playing “Gotta Run” at peak time, realizing that Ryan Enzed is a name to keep in mind!

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