Giuseppe Ottaviani & Ferry Corsten - Magenta

Over the last month ‘Love Will Bring It All Around’ - the curtain raiser for Giuseppe’s extraordinary second artist album - has been generating all the right types of floor-reaction. With barely a pause for breath, the virtuoso trance producer has ‘Love’s follow-up primed to join the fray. Certain to delight co-production fans, the album’s title track sees Giuseppe joined behind the mixing desk for the first time by none other than superstar titan Ferry Corsten. 

On a track that MIXMAG’ has already labelled “euphoria on tap” (and scored 8/10 in their July issue review), the pair’s Original Mix of ‘Magenta’ sets its sights Everest-high… and doesn’t stop climbing till the top of the drop! Galvanized by Giuseppe’s highly charged drums, full-thrust bass and ceaselessly infectious intro-melodies, the track melts into its luminous plucked string mainline. Raising the tension yet further still, Corsten’s hand applies characteristic FX squelch and electro-ish aftertouch, which post-break send ‘Magenta’ full-flight. 

Remixes (from Heatbeat and Greg Downey) are also on fast approach, so take this summer-ready smash and use it to wreak havoc on your nearest club floor! 

Think positive. Be happy. x