Nick Coulson - Tremolo EP

@blackholerec - Avanti 516-0 

Nick Coulson's first track on the Black Hole imprint appeared in the Electro House EP 003. The DJ/producer spent his time wisely and now presents his solo release: the "Tremolo EP", featuring the cuts "Tremolo" and "Here We Go". 

In recent years Nick Coulson has been living in the fast lane of UK Clubland. Currently resident DJ for one of the world’s most prestigious clubbing brands Gatecrasher and former head honcho of the UKs biggest ever club The Syndicate Superclub, being in the spotlight alongside the world’s most high profile artists, on some of the country’s biggest stages has become a bit of a normality. Monthly Nick clocks up thousands of miles on the road both in the UK and across the world. In early May of this year, Nick released his very first track "Hostility" for the Black Hole imprint as part of the Electro House EP 003. Now taking things up a notch, Nick presents his debut, the "Tremolo EP" on the Black Hole sub label Avanti, featuring the tracks "Tremolo" and "Here We Go". 

Nick's productions offer prime cut electro house tracks that follow in the footsteps of his previous single "Hostility". Taylor made for the large festivals and indoor events, both "Tremolo" and "Here We Go" bulldoze their way to the dance floor with massive sweeps and pounding synth sweeps. With a nod and a wink to maximal house sounds, Nick also takes his time to carefully arrange his breaks. Peak time material in every sense of the word, make sure to raise your 'Tune!' sign in the air.

Think positive. Be happy. x