Light Babies ft Wendy Starland - Queen Of Hearts

@blackholerec - Wildlife 681-0 

Light Babies is the project of international dance music producer Micah 
Lukasewich and rising house music star Chris LaPietra. Formally known as 
"Tungsten & Wulfram" their previous releases have been played throughout 
clubs the world over and have been supported by many of the worlds top DJs. 
Chris and Micah's new sound, pushes the boundaries of what some may call 
forward thinking progressive house music, launching it past previous 
conceptions of the genre to heights of pure originality and moments which 
challenge all of your senses and perceptions. With all of their music 
already signed to Labels such as Stripped Recordings and Black Hole 
Recordings ("Kids" and the "Cause & Effect EP), the Light Babies have 
conceived a sound which not only pays homage to their past influences but 
propels them further into the future of dance music itself. 

"Queen of Hearts" was produced from an unreleased original by U.S. pop 
artist Wendy Starland. Wendy is best known for discovering Lady Gaga and 
landing her a production deal with Rob Fusari (BeyoncĂ©, Jessica Simpson, 
Whitney Houston, etc.) that resulted in major record- and publishing deals. 
Wendy and Lady Gaga have written songs together over the years; Wendy also 
worked with Moby on his Grammy nominated album "Last Night" and collaborated 
with legends and Grammy winners such as Stephen Bishop, Tony Levin, Jerry 
Marotta, Arturo O'Farrill, Oz Noy and Conductor Luisella Chiarini with the 
A.C.O. Val Vibrata Symphony Orchestra in Abruzzo, Italy. 

A fan of their music, Wendy decided to contact the Light Babies for a remix 
of the track. The end result is "Queen Of Hearts", an addictive house track 
with a subtle progressive twist to it. A strong drum program, reminiscent of 
classic house anthems, serves as a rock solid foundation for some seriously 
moody synth chords that blend seamlessly with Wendy Starland's vocals. The 
undeniable underground feel of "Queen Of Hearts" should whet every DJ's 
appetite for a peak time live set!

Think positive. Be happy. x