Joni & Jimi - Varg

@blackholerec - Fris 1334-0 

With their debut single “Varg”, Joni & Jimi release an outstanding progressive track on the Fris! imprint as, what may well be, the precursor for a myriad of upcoming singles. 

With a clear view on today’s progressive and an obvious influence from other big names in the genre, Joni & Jimi carve up an intense floor filler with “Varg”. Aimed for the darker live sets with a lower than average BPM, the track draws a strong relation to classic Global Underground mixes and lures everyone in with classic sounding TR-909 beats and crisp synth programming. 

In the Alpha mix, Joni & Jimi delve even deeper into the strength of “Varg” and take the track way into the underground, stripping the original to its bare essence, giving the progressive DJs the perfect package for a smooth transition of both versions in their live sets.

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