F.I.69 - Destroyer EP

@Blackholerec / @rub_a_duck - Rub A Duck 061

Black Hole Recordings’s avatarPut Russian DJ Konstantin Nevelskiy and producer Igor Maksimenko together and you have the electronic music duo F.I.69. Their musical style mainly focuses on drum & bass, dubstep and glitch hop.

Igor was already a well-known DJ in his hometown and wanted to develop the drum & bass culture in his city. Experienced producer Konstantin, specialized in those broken rhythms, was the perfect candidate to help him with that goal. The two came up with a project, F.I.69. to bring good music to a new audience. They get their inspiration, among others, from The Prodigy, Noisia and SHM.

They also started their own record label called Dubooz 69 Records, on which they released their music and music of their friends. More recently they have released a couple of tracks and their ‘Destroyer EP’ on Rub A Duck, the label known for the finest in bass, dubstep, rave, electro & drum n bass.

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