Frontstreet JT - Jazzy Blues

"Hip Hop meets Jazz, this is a really interesting creation and perfect for the festive season. With a warm tone accompanying smooth diverse vocals." Mizz Ruby 

The UK’s most tempting rapper/soul singer newcomer, Frontstreet JT, is about to take over the scene with his debut single!

Born in west London, Frontstreet JT has always loved music and realised he had something special after performing at a local talent show. Having always loved hip hop, his musical style takes influence from the likes of Biggie Smalls and Jay Z, while also being hugely influenced by the old school era of soul with artists such as Bill Withers and William Bell. Together with a number of others, JT is part of the Frontstreet crew, which is made up of a group of friends, brought together through their love of music and fashion.

With a sensational new single ‘Moment’ set for release in October, Frontstreet JT is a fresh talent who plans to be the new force in the urban scene. He has taken the music industry by storm with his outstanding live performances, impressive a cappella outbursts and charismatic on-stage presence.

The smooth jazz sound of his debut single ‘Jazzy Blues’ is a fresh mix of jazz and rap, a brilliant pairing of smooth melody and confident lyrics. For those who love Jazz and hip hop, ‘Jazzy Blues’ is the perfect fusion of vibrant styles, blended perfectly to bring out the thoughtful flavour of Frontstreet JT’s lyrics. Having a list of big names already lining up for remixes, it is set to be a smash hit, JT has already gained critical acclaim from music professionals everywhere.

With a debut EP set for release later in the year, Frontstreet JT delivers an addictive burst of soul/hiphop, with more than a little bit of style.

Think positive. Be happy. x