Semaj Lee 2014

"This style is almost like a pack of Minstrels - some of which being interesting and diverse in sounds, with other parts not to my particular tastes. Loving On You has a nice relaxed tempo and the sounds are rather intriguing. Stupid Love has influences from Drake with it also given a rougher hip hop addition. There are definitely good aspects of Semaj Lee's work - I'd say, less is more as he has a great voice and skills just less of the effects because real sounds will always be more beautiful in my books. Saying this, 6ft is one of my favourite's as it's mainly simply sexy and soulful." Mizz Ruby

From the south side of Houston to the heart of New York City. Semaj lee an upcoming independent r&b artist takes rhythm and blues I out of the box and into another universe. With his Lonestar EP being released this fall. Semaj brings a fresh, eclectic, "trill" sound to his music. Coining the term trap&blues for his raunchy lyrical content on mellow moody beats, Semaj lists Pharell, Musiq soul child, Aaliyah and Tank to be on the top of his list for influencing his sound. Creatively speaking his music is a sound of his own, mixing styles of such from the 90's r&b era and the classic chopped & screwed sound from the dirty south. This Houston native sets the mood with his first single from his debut project "Loving On You" giving the listener a dose of a country trill scene, but with manners of course. His writing, His music, & Visuals make Semaj the true definition of an artist. The Trap & Blues is the new wave of 2014, & here to stay!

Think positive. Be happy. x