Get rich or die trying

I apologise for the sporadic postings on the Mizz blog and UKGarage.Org but when you aim to make your business a success, sometimes you have to make sacrifices.. 

Is there enough money to sustain the Independent industry? This question is one that is troubling a lot of people now, especially in the age where people are buying less physical items making it more difficult for us to keep up. It's even more difficult to attract attention in a world where we only have an average of just 3 seconds to grab people's interest or else they'll move on to the next social trending topic or which celeb is trying to break the Internet. More and more people are having to get "real" jobs, and put aside the creative sector in order to not become homeless. Why is it that the creative fields are not given enough thought? Why do people not understand that we struggle - it is far from easy. People think you can become a star in an instant, that is not the case. 

Anyway, enough of my rambling.. Let me keep you updated with great music and real discussions, no matter how controversial in Audiation Magazine. Did I tell you it's FREE? Yes, see even thought I'm not making a penny yet, I still keep up with the freemium status in order to grow a bigger audience and help the artists featured get heard. Help us by subscribing too, really it's a treat to yourself, who doesn't want a free magazine? 

Think positive. Be happy. x