I'm All 4 This New service! @C4Press

The @Channel4 Network will combine it's current 4OD service as well as new initiatives creating All 4. The idea is in the name, all brand channels and services in one convenient outlet. 

Launch Date: 30th March 2015 

Channel 4: The top innovative brand. A network which is not afraid to be controversial and take risks. A network who put the consumer first and thinks miles ahead of any other, recently beginning progress with personalisation as introduced with the 4OD & Burberry marketing campaign

All 4 will bring together an On-Demand catch up service to watch all your favourite shows. In addition to this, Now will be a section for you to watch live programming, a great aspect to keep Channel 4 lovers, no need to navigate away from their hub. Another new section to be introduced is On Soon which gives previews to upcoming shows which you'll also be able to set alerts/reminders for. 

In the lead up to this service, O2 have partnered with All 4 giving O2 priority customers exclusive previews! www.o2priority.co.uk 

Don't forget to register with Channel 4 to "receive an enhanced viewing experience of Channel 4 including: tailored recommendations, exclusive content and premieres, downloads, access to an extensive programme archive and VIP rewards – over and above free access to all Channel 4 content." 

So let's grab our popcorn, cosy up on the sofa and wait in eager anticipation! 

Think positive. Be happy. x