The Big HOAX of the Jeremy Clarkson Fracas

He's in, out, in, out - this ain't no hokey cokey! 

We all know the Beeb like to be the main focus of attention, is this all a hoax? 

The "fracas" of no nonsense Jezza punching a BBC producer has been a hot topic amongst many media moguls and Top Gear fans. 

Well, I'm sure we'd all love to fight back at the BBC some time or another, so I could understand his thinking in doing so. The real quizzical manner is that the BBC are known for being strict and applying rules in full force. When they boot someone out, it's usually left that way. Yet in this case they either have a soft spot for Jeremy and just can't seem to make their minds up. Or, is it a big dramatic storyline concocted to boost press attention, just like child who hasn't been focused on since they killed Lucy - which had the majority of the UK wrapped around it's little finger for a long period early this year. 

The BBC are ever-growing less popular with the modern generation, and risk ITV taking over the general public's viewership who have already purchased hit US cartoon, Family Guy. The popular BBC Three is also facing an uncertain future, and we cannot forget all the scandalous cover-ups in the company's history. Remarks being made that if Jeremy had been accused of abuse to the young, then they'd find every way possible to hide this with the public and keep him on! What's crazy is that people are so wrapped up with this story, that it had been on everyone's minds rather than the awful plane incident. What is wrong with people? BBC producers were even sent death threats from fans "supporting" Jeremy. BBC are more than annoying, but there is no excuse for a society more concerned about a TV show presenter than actual real life issues. 

Whatever happens, we know for a fact Top Gear will continue to hold their fans and BBC will continue to get their way. Perhaps the real question is, is this the beginning of the end for the giant old-fashioned corporation? 

Think positive. Be happy. x