#TheIsland with Bear Grylls 2015 @Channel4 @TheIsland

Last year Channel 4 brought us a brand new shiny concept which certainly had it's risks. This year, they've added even more drama with two islands reminding me of a grittier version of T4's Shipwrecked.

Two islands of males & females could spell out a romantic aspect to this adventurous show, perhaps attracting more female attention for this, whilst the male viewers get their game faces on imagining what it'd be like to live in the wild and rough it out.

For those who haven't seen the first series, the show revolves around ordinary people who have been taught some basics and camera use, and left on the island as a kind of entertaining experiment to see how they survive and cope on their own.

The following information is from Channel 4 Press:

In our world full of 21st century luxuries, few of us will ever experience what it is like to fight for our very survival; to sustain ourselves using the hunter gatherer skills of our ancestors. But in the second series of The Island With Bear Grylls, Bear conducts the ultimate survival challenge on the smart-phone generation, and sets 28 Britons just one test: survive for six weeks on an uninhabited island in the Pacific Ocean.

"This is the ultimate challenge into what modern man and modern woman are really made of when they are stripped of all the everyday modern conveniences we have grown so accustomed to." Bear Grylls

On each island there were four experienced cameramen or camerawomen who had a specific responsibility to document day-to-day life on the islands on film. They lived in exactly the same conditions as the other contributors and were part of the island community. Alongside them all the men and women had camera training so much the footage you see was shot by the other members of the group. This method of filming not only ensured that the men and women were alone throughout the challenge, but it also resulted in a raw and intimate portrait of life on the very edge of survival.

"The truth on this series is that we had NO idea what would happen and whether anyone would even complete it. Nor did we know how the men and women’s approach would differ and affect the outcome." Bear Grylls

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