Lady Lykes - Chat 2 Your Man #HipHop

@LadyLykez is back with new single, Chat 2 Your Man, a fun & cheeky lyrical onslaught with a positive message at its core. The track was produced by musician & producer duo OJ and Fridel, who brought the track to life in the studio playing live trumpets, trombone & guitar on the record.

A common story brought to life, Lady Lykes pushes the thoughts of women sticking together and not taking any bs from guys. Her vocals are flavourful and fun, and I love the brass accompaniments. Pre-order on itunes.

The message of the record is highly relatable, whether it’s through a personal experience, or seeing it happen with close friends, which is how Lykez herself got inspired. She explains “The track came about after I spoke to a friend who had got herself into a situation. She was seeing a guy who told her he was single, and then out of the blue she started getting angry and abusive phone calls from his ‘babymother’. My friend told her, ‘it’s got nothing to do with me, I didn’t know you were with him, so you need to talk to him not me’. That gave me the basic idea of the track, and I think everyone can relate to this in one way or another. A lot of the time the women don’t stick together and the guy just gets away with it. At the end of the day it takes two to tango! There is a serious message behind the track but I just wanted to have fun with it at the same time.”

The tongue-in-cheek video for the single really brings the message to life, and tells the story of a group of girls- the Ex, Side Chick, the Wife and Baby Mum all fighting over this one guy. He’s not been faithful to any of them and won’t settle down but they don’t realize it at first. After Lady Lykez’s words of wisdom, the girls realize they shouldn’t be fighting over this guy who clearly has no respect for them and join together: 

Continuing to fly the flag for the ladies, Lady Lykez is set to make history this year as the 1st female to clash against a guy on the upcoming Lord Of the Mics 7. Her clash opponent is MC Sox, who has previously battled on LOTM against Kozzie.Lykez says: “I asked Jammer to send me a guy to clash and he sends me a boy that might as well be a girl. I just hope he doesn’t cry on the day..” Lady Lykez will be clashing live on September 23rd at Islington Academy. Adds Lykez, “Make sure you come down to check it out as you don’t want to miss Sox choke live on stage!”

Think positive. Be happy. x