Website Development

A website showcases your company and acts as a central hub for all your resources. Directing audience to one location simplifies brand promotion. 

My developments are simple, professional and suit the brand's identity. Sites are HTML based and work on both web and mobile. Contact me today!


Vivid Salon |
Website features a simple clean design and colour scheme matching the beauty salon's style. A landing page is presented leading to the home page with carousel image gallery showcasing portfolio. A different testimonial is shown on each page from clients. 

AWJ Recordings | 
Website features an island theme with edgy colours to match the label's style. The home page consists of new music content which automatically updates. 

Audiation Magazine |
Website features a simple dark theme with wood panels to match the magazine's style. The home page consists of new content as well as automatically updating feeds and an embedded flipbook. 

Tangled Headphones |
Simple blog layout with sidebar of extra content. Floating social bar icons animated on rollover.