December 2016

One word to sum up this year: disjointed.

Hello readers, where have I been right? I am so frustrated that I haven't been able to keep up with the blogs like I used to. Time is just speeding away..

It was a great start to the year with my focus on point, I had set my aims to keep up with yoga sessions and work in an organised way. I have no idea what happened in November, apparently the moods shifted or something changed in the air from the super moon or some hippie nonsense like that. But it really is strange that it's not just me who is feeling a little out of sorts, it's so many people just stumbling through the last few days of the year cluelessly. Hence, this post being a jumble of thoughts too because that's what my mind feels like - like that one closet that you play tetris with and have no idea what's in there.

Resolutions for the new year? To regain focus.

Think positive. Be happy. x