Ah you funny f*ckers

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So these last few days have been quite random and amusing... 

So an old lady approached me the other day. She seemed lovely however, the old dearies need to learn not disrupt people on their daily outings. I did not want to hear about rambles about the church, your life stories, your family's lives, or Donny Osmond. 

Anyway, I took a trip down memory lane and visited an old mate. I could tell it would be eventful when the ticket machine wouldn't take my fivers therefore making me miss my train.

There were also engineering works so what normally would have been a 20 minute journey took 1 hour. On one of my changes these were the words of a train attendant "No smoking on the platform please (slightly louder tone) Hello.. Helloooo, Man with bag!" This was to a random dude who was just standing there lighting up, completely oblivious to the attendant. Brilliant! 

My last piece of amusement/frustration of the day was the taxi driver I had. Oh the irony of a taxi driver who hadn't a clue where he was going, he literally went round and round roundabouts, and had to ask several randomers for directions #fail
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