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I would just like to start by saying thank you to all my regular/new readers, I nearly have 1000 views for just this month #iloveyouall.Also the majority of you are from Belgium! Don't really know much about Belgium other than I love the chocs #yum

One thing I remembered this week, was a few years ago we put a pin under this kids chair and he sat on i without feeling it! Yes we were harsh but thats my area for ya and the kid did bring it on himself, you know them ones where they just keep coming back for more.

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Another random story, I had a good catch up with one of the besties. She told me that one of our mates who was doing really well and seemed like he could run the world (not really just that he was clever n business minded) Anyway, so now he has decided to stay at his current job in a supermarket and his big goal in life is to run the supermarket. How do u go from such a bright future ahead to a pretty lame future ahead? #odd

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