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I would like to start by sayin the title "dello" refers to when I was attempting to be clever this week but started off by saying "dear" and obvioucly changed my mind and ended with "hello"

Dreams. We all have them, some we cant remember and some we want to stay in forever. This weeks involved one meeting a loverlyy guy , another involved flirtin around but being question (a lot) as to why i was still single, yet never got one offer, third dream involved me with someone and being chased by crazy bitch (which i now am realising how close to my life situation it is) (hard to explain) n then it changed to me seeing someone tweet about music and crisps, then walkin to sit next to them and they handed me a crisp. Anyway what i got from this that i am fed up of being single (true) and obviously my real life sitiuation of the bitch n yea. hmm... 

One thing discussed on twitter this week was Twilight vs. TMNT. The debate was intially about a guy liking Twitilight but ended up being and I quote from him "WHAT??? U LOT TRYING TO SAY A HUMAN TURTLE THAT KNOWS KUNG FU IS LESS GAY THAN A VAMPIRE AND WEREWOLF??? ARE U DUMB??"

Also I would like to kindly ask you all to follow my hopeless twitter baby who hasn't got a name, and we only just found out it's a girl. She has already been violently abused, thrown into a bin, and possibly auctioned on Ebay. @twatterbaby  

Mizz Ruby x