Dress to impress let your hair down...

Put your hands up in the air and get down! -- @mistamee lyrics

First things first. today i was not woken up by mum, no no no, i was woken up by the blimin bee which i swear tricked me into thinking it was outside. but ohh no once it knew i was brave, it attacked! once my mum finally thought it was gone, all was well, but again the terrorising bug came back once i was again vulnerable out the shower. i swear if i see that bee again, i will make it pay (yeah right, being me, i will probably just run away screaming again). So in conclusion I hate all bugs except ladybirds and butterflies!!

The relaunch of UK Garage site is so close I can almost taste it (cant remember where those lyrics are from) but yea, please keep checking for the new site. It includes interviews by yours truly, mixes, tunes, shows, events and more!  --- >>> ukgarage.org  

So Rubes, what's your area like? (location will remain unknown to avoid stalkers). Well we don't have a Starbucks... :o

Do make sure you check out Selecta Fewie. You are still able to download his Kiss100 Midnight Mix -- Free Kiss Mix -- Listen to his shows every Thursday on Nasty FM 6-8pm! Catch him 5th August @ Envy, Stevenage for Dubstep & Bass . Also he will be playing on 24th August @ The Bed Bar, Reading for Heven. This performance will be donated for Army In The Park which is in aid of Help for Heroes.

Another one of my clients who is a must hear is Phonetix (formerly known as Robbie T). Lots of tunes coming up soon so make sure you check his site regularly --- Website Link

So the other week I was rooting through my old toys. One of the random things I dug out was this troll and my mum just cant stop laughing everytime she looks at it... well it is quite a funny troll. You cannot not laugh at this face

This will be my last post for a while, but feel free to have a glance n giggle at my previous posts :)

Remember be positive and happy in all that you do!

Enjoy the rest of Summer (let's hope you're somewhere hot, if your in England, keep your brollys with ya)
See you all in a month. Mwah.

Mizz Ruby x