Mizz Ruby is back!

Yes, hello dear readers, i am indeed back. Where did i go i hear you ask? Only Mauritius (don't be jel) :p

Hope you lot haven't missed me too much, to make up i will make this an extra good post for you :)

First things first. The new UK Garage website relaunched today! Yes today!! Go quick check it out before you carry on reading ---->> http://www.ukgarage.org <<---- Tunes , News , Interviews (by me!) & more!
Follow the team @deejayalexs @djemmachampion @ukgarage   

even my old toy zebra got a tan!
In other news according to TMZ Paris Hilton has set her heart on becoming the worlds biggest female house DJ! Who even knew she was DJ'n? She was said to be around the likes of Deamau5 & AfrojackShe was also rumoured to be working with David Guetta however according to his record label this is not true. Hmm.. what do you think readers? 

This week I also learnt that the lovely Beyonce is pregnant! A huge congratulations to her!
well i do like my coke!

Kiss 100 Midnight Mix FREE HERE by Selecta Fewie!

Bit windy isnt it? Hurricane Katia? Hmm.. not much of a hurricane aparantly, the worst of it is in Scotland/Ireland but still not as big as we all thought it would be so no need to panic (knowin me it will come tomorrow or something)

found the end of the rainbow!
The tomato story! Yes thats right i have a tomato story. Basicly my relatives have a little stall by the bus stop (mauritius). The guy asked me what i wanted i said "Anything, i dont mind", he replied. "tomatoes?" i was like wtf.. so he came back out with a wholee boz full of tomato flavuored crisps/snacks , my only opton was to take one n try not to look stupid. Then the lady asked again what i wanted, again i said "any, i dont mind" she replied with "allemandes?" i was like nooooo (clearer louder posher voice) "I DONT MIND". Firstly my query is what on earth is an allemande???? and secondly, how did he get tomatoes from i dont mind????? 

Just a fun little poem from @cheekybradders , this particular post actually nearly made me cry, but dont doubt, it is a must read (and thats saying something coz i rarely read)

Big Brother, yes it s back! Bigger and better than ever... oh wait no its not. its on channel 5 now WITHOUT DAVINA! Therefore any hope i had of it being as good as the old ones has gone. So far this year i have only watched two of the shows and i can conclude i would like Jay or Arron to win purely coz they are yummy and i have no idea who the other people are called :p 

#InMyHead: Dev - In The Dark

Mizz Ruby x