Dance around the May pole

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Soccer Aid 2012 was won by England woohooo (3-1) ! But the real winners are the many people who will be helped by the £6.5million raised for UNICEF through ticket sales and donations.

Love Shaft is a brand new dating show on E4, but do you recognize that voice in the opening titles? It's only our very own Taya (@t4ya)! Watch Here 

The Eurovision Song Contest 2012 was won this year by Miss Sweden and was well deserved.. United Kingdom came home with just 12 points. There are so many comments I could make about our entries over the past years, but at least we weren't last ay. Jedward were loved more but let's not think about that! There was also some eye candy for the viewers: Miss Greece, Romania, Sweden, and for the ladies Mr Malta were very nice looking indeed! There were some very interesting acts on the night. Singing grannies baking cookies and a quirky Moldovan act were just some of them. My personal favourite was Romania with a lively Brazilian carnival atmosphere. 

Cherish every moment, live every day and yes to your heart's desires. Spread love and be happy.