The lights, the fireworks

Catchphrase is back with a brand new series!

The Olympics. Whether you love or hate it, the next few weeks will be full of it. I am team Great Britain & Mauritius! Now, the opening ceremony, all I can say is wow, there is no doubt how much time and effort and money has been put in to making it so amazing. The lights, the fireworks, the performances were just beautiful and made our nation proud. Only criticism I can make is that I would liked to have seen more of yummy Becks! Another proud moment was the sight of Mohamed Ali, such a sad sight to see his state but he is no doubt a fighter till the end, true legend. And lastly, god bless her royal majesty, even when she is a tad bit bored and picking at her nails.

As the rain pours down my window, I realise summer is over, and that I need to catch up on the new series of TOWIE! 

Think positive. Be happy. x